1.    What fuel price can we expect to pay?

a.    We have  very fuel efficient engines.  Depending on where our adventure takes us, it will range from $50 on the sunset cruise to $200 for a full day.

2.    Why can’t we captain the boat ourselves?

a.    Our Insurance will not cover any other captains.

3.    Do you have snorkeling and scuba diving?

a.    We do have snorkeling and we have masks, fins, and snorkels available for use, but we do not offer scuba diving at this time.  We have S, M, & L sizes available please let us know the sizes of all of the guests before arrival so we have the correct amount of equipment.  If you have your own gear we do encourage you to bring it with you.

4.    What if the weather is bad the day of our scheduled trip?

a.    The Captain will make the determination on the morning of the trip.  If he deems the day a no go we would love it if you would reschedule.  He may decide that it is too rough to go the BVI’s and you will stay in the USVI’s for the day.  He is always putting safety first.

5.    What is your reservation and refund policy?

a.    We recommend reservations in season (December 15-April 30), due to the high volume of renters.  You definitely want to get the date that is best for you.  If the captain deems the day a no go you will get a full refund of your deposit or it can roll over onto a different day.

6.    What do I need in order to make a reservation?

a.    We ask for half of the rental up front and the other half plus the fuel charges are due on the day of the rental.

7.    Do you take credit cards?

a.    Yes we do, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

8.    What is the boat’s capacity?

a.    We can take 6 comfortably.

9.    Would our trip be private?

a.    Yes, only you, your guests and the captain will be on board.

10.    What precautions do you have in place if we should have an emergency?

a.    We are registered with Sea Tow and will have immediate assistance from them. We have Coast Guard safety equipment on board and your Captain is trained in first aide.

11.    Do you have fishing trips?

a.    We can go fishing, but I am sure you would rather go catching so we can recommend a great fishing guide.

12.    What if I have medical problems?

a.    Please let us know if you have any prior medical problems and be sure to bring any medication you should need for the trip.

13.   What should we expect to pay for BVI customs fees?

a.    The custom fees have been fluctuating wildly and can be up to $60 – $90 per person.  You are only charged what the BVI government charges, no additional fees.