1.    I have my own insurance do I still need to have yours?
a) The insurance is no additional charge and would be supplemental to your own insurance should you have an accident.

2.    Do you have any insurance deductibles?
a) Yes we do, $1500 for Collision and $2500 for Comprehensive.  Most credit cards will either pay for the deductible or pay for the entire incident. Please check with them before you leave home.

3.    Do you take debit cards?
a) We do take debit cards along with your proof of insurance from your insurance company stating you have rental car coverage on your policy.

4.    Do you have a minimum age to rent a car?
a) Yes we do.  You need to be 23 if you are staying at our villa and all others must be 25.

5.    Why I want to rent a car over taking a taxi?
a) We always recommend renting a car for your entire visit; it is the best way by far to get to know the island.  Taxies are very expensive and charge per person and per bag.  It would easily pay for a car if not every day almost every day and you would have more freedom and flexibility.

6.    Can I take the car to St. John?
a) Of course and we encourage it, we love you too see our beautiful islands.

7.    Do you have AAA?
a) No we do not, but we have our own version of the auto club VIAC (Virgin Islands Auto Club).  With each rental we provide the basic service.  The fee is whatever service you require plus $25.00.  So perhaps you need a tow and the fee is $60, you will pay $60 plus $25.  If the service is mechanical the fee is paid for by Paradise Rental Car, if it is anything else, such as a collision or flat tire, the fee is paid for by the renter.

8.    Do you offer any discounts?
a) Our prices are completely priced and we offer discounts on the weekly and monthly rates.

9.    What happens if we get a ticket?
a) You must let us know immediately if you receive a ticket or if you are in an accident.   If you are in an accident call 911 immediately and get a police report.   The police will give you a court date sometime in the future for your ticket which you will obviously not be around, so this will need to be taken care of before you leave the island.

10.     How old are your vehicles?
a) All of our vehicles are 2013 and newer.  The Toyotas are the oldest at 2013 and all of the Jeeps are 2014 and newer.

11.     How do I know I will get the vehicle I rented?
a) We only have a finite number of vehicles.  We match you to the vehicle you have chosen.    If for some reason we do not have your vehicle available you will receive a free upgrade.